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ESOP Privatization
Description: ESOP Privatization

Advantages of ESOP Privatization to Government Agencies and employees include: Innovative alternative approach to Commercial Activities Process Compares favorably with A-76 process in terms of cost and timeliness

Achieves seamless operational transition which satisfies concerns of using “outside” contractors

Retains institutional knowledge

Maintains secure structure and integrity

Minimizes adverse impacts on current Federal employees

Provides maximum cost savings while retaining “surge capacity” and quality"


OMB Guidance on ESOP Privatization:

Employee & Management Buyouts
Description: Services provided include Structuring, Financing, Negotiation and general Financial Advisory Services

ESOP Advisors works with employee groups seeking to acquire the companies they work for and we serve shareholders of private companies seeking to utilize the employee ownership to provide liquidity.

We work with management, shareholders and outside investors seeking to use employee ownership for acquisitions and divestitures. ESOP Advisors, Inc. also is an expert in the utilization of the corporate finance capabilities of ESOPs for acquisitions.

Clients include employee groups, management groups, Labor Unions, Retiring Owners and Corporations seeking acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions
Description: Merger & Acquisition expertise primarily in the area of High Technology Mergers and Acquisitions and "Roll-Ups" of industries utilizing "Platform" companies

Corporate Restructuring
Description: Corporate Restructuring work primarily in the area of turn-around in high technology companies

Succession Planning
Description: ESOP Advisors establishes succession planning strategies for family owned companies

General Corporate Financial Advisory Services
Description: Financial structuring of corporate finance transactions, including analyzing and opining to the fairness of transactions.

Negotiation of the price, terms and structure of employee ownership transactions with buyers, sellers, and financiers

Sourcing and placement of the debt, equity, mezzanine or subordinated debt financing needed to consummate employee ownership transactions


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